EA the game killer


EA, what happened to you, you used to be great and now you let greed corrupt you to the point its been hurting creative minds and putting them out of business. Now I know what you’re thinking what do I mean by this? Well EA’s most recent victim has been the barely started Waystone Games the creators of the MOBA Dawngate. Why is this you might ask? Well throughout the past few years EA has had this bad habit of setting unrealistic financial goals for their games and kill off the studio behind said game if the game didn’t sell as much as they wanted as if it was the studios fault and not EA’s. The Prime Example of this was none other than Visceral Games the devs behind Dead Space, they were killed off by EA for this exact reason because Dead Space 3 didn’t sell the amount EA wanted. Similar things were done to studios by EA such as Bullfrog, Origin and Maxis just to name a few, The point being is EA needs to stop killing studios creativity and disbanding them.

The most recent Victim to this bad business practices is Waystone Games. Now don’t get me wrong, Dawngate had problems of its own such as earning in game currency was really slow such as earning 30 destiny per match and heroes being too expensive but Dawngate was not given the chance to be fixed and improved upon. Their reason being they didn’t see the growth they wanted, that basically translates to they didn’t see dota 2 or lol numbers. How is that possible for a game that was only in open beta for 6 months, these things take time EA you need to be patient. Now This isnt going to be a complete bash on EA as they did something surprising, they’ve been actually giving people refunds for any money spent in dawngate as well as unlock everything for all the players till the games servers shut down in 6 months. I have to give them props for doing that as most betas that failed kept the money spent on them, Then again micro transactions should not be a thing in betas in the first place but thats another story. Now I know I’m not the only one who thinks Dawngate should not die like this and I purpose a few things to both Waystone games and EA to keep the game alive using the gaming community.

Now I purpose to let gamers use their own servers to keep Dawngate online if EA isn’t willing to support this game and make it grow, If you’re going to abandon the game then give it to the community that cares about it to keep it alive and thriving. Dont give me the excuse that that wouldn’t work, you and I both know gamers are some of the most creative and resourceful people alive we could keep it alive for another 10 years with things like Custom servers, Mod support and Organizing tournaments and such. EA don’t let this game die because you didn’t make enough money for your money bins. If you’re not willing to work with gamers to make this game a success then give us the tools to keep it alive ourselves rather than killing it outright and destroying the careers of Waystone Games employees. Anyway this is something to think about EA, Lets hope we the gamers can make a difference and hopefully make a difference and show EA that killing a new studio just because they didnt make billions and stifling creativity  isnt a good idea. Thank you for listening to my thoughts on all this and I hope you have a good day.



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Titanfall isnt exclusive and heres why

video reguarding this topic( watch then comment): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7XiATCWRTU
Im getting tired of gamers saying because titanfall is a microsoft exclusive. This video here explains why this isn’t true and how even developers don’t know what their talking about anymore. If for some reason you think im incorrect, tell me why. I’m very curious to hear what you all have to say.

source: http://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/comments/1phsjf/confirmation_that_titanfall_is_not_a_timed/cd2gr60

The Steam 3

Well this week as most of know in gaming valve had made 3 announcement over the course of this week and all of them pertaining to valves new console the steam machine. I really like the idea of valve making essentially a console with the power of a high end gaming PC in your living room as it would reach out to people who wouldn’t have considered buying a gaming PC before. Though probably the strangest of the 3 announcements was today when the unveiled the controller for the steam machine. If you haven’t seen it yet click the source article it has a picture of it.  Its quite different then any controller out their right now with its two track-pads and buttons in the center. From what valve has said its supposed to make playing games like DOTA 2 possible with a controller. I’m curios to see how this controller works and id like to test the steam machine. Its also good that the steam machine controller is compatible with PC’s unlike some other console controllers.  Im hoping that valve will continue to show us more of Steam OS and steam machine during its development this year and its inevitable release in 2014. 

source article http://greenlitgaming.com/steam-universe-expanding/

Developers don’t like xbox one

I don’t entirely understand why people are so adamant to defend a horrible console like the Xbox one when even developers now are confirming more and more that the console despite all these revisions is still the worst of all 3 next gen. More and more devs are being asked about their experiences on the two and as you would imagine they favor the ps4 over the xbox one( especially the indie devs).Time and Time again its been factually proven that the ps4 is more powerful and better for gamers then the xbox one. It doesn’t help that Microsoft that they haven’t shown us their games running on the xbox one hardware yet. Their still using pc’s 3 times more powerful than the actual console to sucker in consumers who are ignorant towards this fact. I can tell the ps4 and Wii u will be dominating this next gen since not only have they shown their games actually running on there consoles but they’ve also shown that they will support indie developers as much and maybe more then aaa titles.

source article: http://www.geek.com/games/developer-complaints-confirm-the-unfinished-state-of-the-xbox-one-1570747/

Gamespot possibly biased towards the Wii U?

Recently reviews from Gamespot have been brought to my attention recently and It really confuses me. Like most people reviewing this game it got positive reviews which doesn’t surprise me since its a genuinely good game. However here’s where it gets odd, Gamespot gave the ps3 and 360 scores 9.0 but the Wii U version which is what the game was built for in the first place an 8.0? Now why is it a point lower i ask? From what i can gather it’s all due to the fact that in the other versions you just press a button to interact with obstacles while in the wii u version the gamepad is used. I really don’t see why this means it gets a lower score just due to that one thing. It seems like gamespot and IGN are a bit biased towards Wii U games. It’s not like the other platforms don’t have problems with this game, you need Xbox live gold to play online multiplayer and with the pc version even with steam it forces you to have Uplay( even though Rayman Origins didn’t have any 3rd party DRM). My point is that if you bring up any kind of shortcoming in the Wii U version you can’t ignore the shortcomings on the other gaming platforms otherwise you’ll look like a hypocrite, end of story.