Adventure Time Bad!?

Have you ever had an instance when a parent has taken something from a cartoon and took it completely out of context and judges the cartoon solely on one thing they didn’t like and try to do everything in their power to make sure you don’t watch it?  Well that happened to my 11 year old little sister today with Adventure Time. Now let’s begin with how it all started, my little sister decided despite what I said to not watch the show without me to do it anyway. I said this because I didn’t want her to see the stranger episodes like this even though their rather tame compared to the tween coms she constantly watches.

While she was watching on of the stranger and awkward episodes the witches garden where after Jake the dog steels a donut from a witches donut garden has his powers taken away. From what I was told my mother had walked in on her when Jake was literally stripped of his powers showing him in his briefs and now having a middle aged man’s body( most of the awkwardness of the episode comes from this alone). Now what my mother took from this out of context moment was that Jake was naked and had women breasts… Confused yet? Essentially what has happened here is that she saw this very strange scene in a cartoon that she is never seen before and decides to judge it on this one thing alone and tells my sister “No you cannot watch this anymore.”  What makes this worse is my sister changes her opinions on a show she liked all because she doesn’t want to disrespect her elders despite her reasoning being rather absurd.

I decided to talk to my sister about it but she wouldn’t listen because I asked her to look at how unjust this was and she scolded me for it because she was dead set to not disobey her and claimed I was breaking one of the Ten Commandments. Why should questioning a decision that’s made entail this? We argued for an hour before giving up because she clearly wasn’t going to listen to me regarding this since mother knows best apparently even though she had jumped to conclusions about other cartoons like Invader Zim and The Wild Thorn berries in the past with me and my older siblings. I later confronted my mother on the Issue thinking maybe she could discuss this whole issue with me diplomatically, however I was wrong. When I said her choice wasn’t justly made she ate me alive telling me no one in this house is going to watch this inappropriate tripe of a cartoon. I never got the change to try and explain things because at that point she was being as stubborn as a Pit bull guarding a bone. I don’t think I will ever get through her with this instance like I have in the past with other cartoons unfortunately so my sister will still be going by my mother’s rather dense opinion on the show making my sister hypocritical due to her liking the show before this happened.

It’s no secret that for a time I hated the show but after watching more of it I loved it. I like the cartoon because It has something that allot of things made these days lack, Intelligence.  Very few cartoons have any actual effort in them anymore, this is clear with shows like Uncle Grandpa and Clarence getting green lit. It’s nice to see a show with actual brains and effort put into it. The show at times would also have heart, there were times where I genuinely felt bad for these characters and was happy when a conflict was resolved. It really bothers me when genuinely good cartoons are shunned and thrown out the door when looking at something for face value and won’t listen to arguments against them. This will conclude my rant for now; I had to find a constructive way to let out my rage which is what was done here. 


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