Microsoft what have you done to Killer Instinct


Killer Instinct has been mistreated by Microsoft since 2007, they wouldn’t let Rare make it because MS wanted Nuts and Bolts, but because that one game did poorly they sent them to Kinect hell never to return. Then Microsoft had the Gaul to give one of gaming’s most underrated franchises to Double Helix, the company who hasn’t made a single good game their entire career (they made the Michael bay battleship game).

As I saw more of the game play it kind of looked fun but Microsoft somehow had to ruin that by not only rushing the game but making it a free to play game, forcing you to buy the rest of the characters. On top of that we only have 8 characters! This was OK for something like skullgirls because they were an indie developer with limited resources but have been releasing more characters for free when they first come out( doesn’t help its $14.99).

Double helix doesn’t have this excuse so even for $20.00 this game is very bare bones since there is no story mode, no arcade mode to my knowledge, just overall it’s not a good value. But the thing that really got me was the characters they decided to put it, now I’ll give them credit for keeping most of the original fighters such as Jago, Saberwulf and Orchid. However It baffles me that they left out fan favorites like Cinder and Riptor in favor of Sadira who may or may not be good.

But I will admit that’s a nitpick but this game not being a good value for your money is not. If they were allowed to Finnish this game and not rush it, I might have had a different view on this game but unfortunately is not the case. I’ll be surprised if Microsoft releases this on the PC on steam in its complete state (fingers crossed). Now I will try a demo of this game if given the chance but that won’t be likely for a while.  If you like the game that’s fine however I wrote this so you would be aware of not only its micro transaction nightmarish nature, but also so you knew the history behind Rare having a passion to make this game but Microsoft ultimately squandering Rare’s talent.


Ubisoft, we don’t like Uplay

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I know im late in the game on this little rant but it honestly needs to be said and brought up to the masses so it can be dealt with. We need more gamers to grow a backbone and learn that if we don’t let companies know what their doing sucks, they won’t improve and will just try to take more and more control away from the gamer. I just wonder why so many people say Uplay isn’t a problem?

We don’t like Google +

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YouTube, Stop making things worse…Please. Why can’t I reply to old comments? Why can’t I go to my inbox by clicking an inbox button? I continue to wonder why google keeps insisting we should be ok with changes like this?

Petition to stop this BS:

Titanfall isnt exclusive and heres why

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Im getting tired of gamers saying because titanfall is a microsoft exclusive. This video here explains why this isn’t true and how even developers don’t know what their talking about anymore. If for some reason you think im incorrect, tell me why. I’m very curious to hear what you all have to say.