The Steam 3

Well this week as most of know in gaming valve had made 3 announcement over the course of this week and all of them pertaining to valves new console the steam machine. I really like the idea of valve making essentially a console with the power of a high end gaming PC in your living room as it would reach out to people who wouldn’t have considered buying a gaming PC before. Though probably the strangest of the 3 announcements was today when the unveiled the controller for the steam machine. If you haven’t seen it yet click the source article it has a picture of it.  Its quite different then any controller out their right now with its two track-pads and buttons in the center. From what valve has said its supposed to make playing games like DOTA 2 possible with a controller. I’m curios to see how this controller works and id like to test the steam machine. Its also good that the steam machine controller is compatible with PC’s unlike some other console controllers.  Im hoping that valve will continue to show us more of Steam OS and steam machine during its development this year and its inevitable release in 2014. 

source article


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