Gamespot possibly biased towards the Wii U?

Recently reviews from Gamespot have been brought to my attention recently and It really confuses me. Like most people reviewing this game it got positive reviews which doesn’t surprise me since its a genuinely good game. However here’s where it gets odd, Gamespot gave the ps3 and 360 scores 9.0 but the Wii U version which is what the game was built for in the first place an 8.0? Now why is it a point lower i ask? From what i can gather it’s all due to the fact that in the other versions you just press a button to interact with obstacles while in the wii u version the gamepad is used. I really don’t see why this means it gets a lower score just due to that one thing. It seems like gamespot and IGN are a bit biased towards Wii U games. It’s not like the other platforms don’t have problems with this game, you need Xbox live gold to play online multiplayer and with the pc version even with steam it forces you to have Uplay( even though Rayman Origins didn’t have any 3rd party DRM). My point is that if you bring up any kind of shortcoming in the Wii U version you can’t ignore the shortcomings on the other gaming platforms otherwise you’ll look like a hypocrite, end of story.

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