Forza 5 Incomplete!

There comes times when every gamer needs to put their differences aside and stop companies from hurting gaming as a whole. I don’t care what platform you game on or what your a fanboy of this is a threat to all of us if this goes through. Microsoft and Turn 10 have recently announced that Forza 5 can now be played out of the box but heres the catch, you need to download dlc in order to complete the game. You can’t tell me that there wasn’t enough room o the disc for the rest of game, there using blurays so theres absolutely no excuse to what there trying to do. You would think they’d learn from the mistakes capcom made but no, they actually somehow made it worse then capcom did with MvsC3. We need to let microsoft know that its not ok to release a game unfinished EVER! Get on there twitters, facebooks, google +, Everything you can and tell them to not doing or you wont buy the game( we have to get loud and vote with our wallets).



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