overpriced controller and headsets announced for xbox one

Just when i thought microsoft couldn’t get any dumber they decided to price their controllers( which btw are wireless only)  at $60 and thats not even including a charger for it which the microsoft has not mentioned whether it would come bundled with one or not. IT also seems the headsets are gonna cost around $25. Its seems like at least with the headsets there trying to discourage so people use the kinect instead. When is microsoft gonna get that no one wants to use the kinect for this kind of stuff at all. I guarantee you the percentage of people who actually like that monstrosity are very very low. The big question from all this is will microsoft ever learn from their mistakes and try to mend there relationship with gamers? 

article source: http://www.gamespot.com/news/microsoft-xbox-one-controller-60-headset-25-6412161


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