patricia wagons new job

patricia wagons new job

the robotic heroine of the sequel to mighty switch force. She somehow went from being a police officer to a firefighter, but when the whole freakin city gets lit ablaze by a volcano, that’s going to happen. I really enjoyed this picture since it forced me to get creative with the shading to make her stand out from all the red in the picture since the color red is a big thing in this game. Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as i did making it.


A atmospheric platforming masterpiece


I recently picked up some games in a sale at so i decided to review this gem from my childhood.

To this day this game is just has fun and a masterpiece as it was when i played it on my windows 98 when i was but a wee lad.  What i didn’t notice then was just how well made the game was from the beautifully crafted pixel art to the surprisingly soothing soundtrack that has continued in rayman games to this day( a good example is the upcoming rayman legends) Overall it was a good start to a great franchise thats still going strong.

E3 aftermath

I have to say after watching all the E3 conferences I’m pleasantly surprised how many good things are coming out of Sony and Nintendo( not Microsoft for obvious reasons) I’m going to give you my thoughts about what the three gave us this year.

Lets start off with Microsoft. I can’t believe rather than trying to undo the damage that was done at the reveal and the days leading up to E3, They somehow made it even worse. They Showed very little to entice consumers and had very low regard to indie devs. What’s makes this worse is they lied about some games saying they were exclusive to xbox one, Titanfall was said to be exclusive when EA later said it also be for pc and ps4. It doesn’t help they apparently paid 3rd party developers to not show games on the ps4 and yet microsoft had no games still. Microsoft just killed it for the xbox one, if you get one your supporting bad business models such as the always online drm.

When sony’s conference came along it was a godsend to gamers. It may have started off a little boring with the vita talk but after that it was game after game. It also seems like sony was the whole time giving microsoft a big fat middle finger when talking about how you don’t have to pay a fee with used games or no online drm. By far the biggest game announced on the ps4 was kingdom hearts 3( why did it take them so long!?) Sony definitely has got the goods for gamers however theres only one bad thing they announced  You’ll have to have ps plus for multiplayer, despite that ps plus is still a better value then xbox gold( free full retail games on psn). Its clear that sony just dominated microsoft this E3.

The for me the big one was nintendo’s E3 direct. Its exactly what i wanted nothing but game after game. They even apologized to gamers about the lack of games recently. All the games showed were great, dkc tropical freeze, mario 3d world, smash bros 4, mario kart 8 and of course Ducktales remastered. They also showed plenty of third party games showing EA they didn’t need em at all. Overall Nintendo and Sony won E3 and microshaft failed. What’s your take on all this craziness? i’d like to know.