A word on “Sonic Lost World” ( sonic lost world pre review)

ImageAs most people who are gamers or sonic fans know, Theres been alot of news regarding the new sonic game “Sonic Lost World”. According to polls on Sega’s forums, The reaction was pretty mixed. One thing i’ve noticed though was allot of people whining and complaining about the fact that its a nintendo exclusive. Yet for some reason no one complained when sonic colors was a nintendo exclusive, What made that one different? I’m just glad this time that no one complained how theres a green hill style stage or the fact its modern sonic. You have to realize the reason its exclusive is because sega and nintendo made a deal for from what has been told three sonic games. I’mlooking forward to playing this game and when i get it i will review it, now i encourage you all to wait for the game to come out before declaring it sucks or it doesn’t belong on a nintendo system. Now let the debates begin!


Odd adventure time dream with marceline and mafia

this was a dream i had had back in february but wanted to share this with you guys again just due to how strange it was. 

It may be one of the oddest and intriguing dream I’ve have this year so far. It appeared to start in my college in a class  that I have no idea what it was teaching. The odd thing was not the fact the dream was taking place in college, but it was my classmates made me realize that I was dreaming. 

Most of the class was the usual college crowd, but the other half was very different. There were Italian mafia there, A few krogans,  and for some reason Marceline the vampire. Things got really weird when I found out Marceline was my girlfriend. After a bit in class she kissed me then the krogans and mafia dragged us out and after a fight me and marceline ended up in the desert and met gun slinging robot cowboys and owls. 

Then suddenly were in a ice cave, things were going all over the place in this dream. I was confused all the way through. Marceline must have been becuase I’ve been working on my review of adventure time which I’ll be uploading the title card and link for it soon. Anyway hope you enjoyed reading about this odd tale weaves in my dreams last night.

top 5 worst cartoon network cartoons

well hears a little something Ive wanted to do for a long time now, ive finally been able to put together probably my most controversial video yet, enjoy. let me let me know if i missed anything.All media protected under Fair Use. I do not claim ownership over any media used in this video. facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/DkunzCartoons Tumblr: http://ask-feraliderp.tumblr.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/megadrivesonic